Yard Waste

Details of our yard waste services in Lincoln NE.

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Yard Waste Service Information

The yard waste season runs April 1st through November 30th. Yardwaste consists of grass clippings and leaves.  All twigs and branches go with trash to the landfill.

We have a separate truck to take yard waste on the same scheduled pickup day as the trashNo plastic bags will be accepted. Yard waste must be in a can, or biodegradable, paper bags.

Full yard waste customers are able to put their can out, and 10 bags per week with no additional charge. Yard waste customers do not need to schedule pickup of yard waste.

Trash or recycle customers that are not subscribed to the yard waste service are able to schedule yard waste pickups so long as they call or email our office at least 1 business day before their scheduled pickup day. The cost is $2 per biodegradable bag, or $3 per personal can. There is a maximum of 10 bags per week.

On occasion, the yard waste driver may happen to see the yard waste and get it serviced without scheduling, and we will give you a courtesy call to notify you of the charge. However, notifying the office is the only way to ensure pickup!


All branches will need to be properly cut and secured for pickup with the trash truck, the landfill will not accept branches with yardwaste.

Branches must be cut down into lengths no longer than 4 feet, and bundled with either string, rope, or twine. The sections should be no wider than 2 feet, and able to be easily lifted chest high by one person. If they are not bundled, they need to be contained in a personal can. All Branches of any kind should not be placed in the yard waste can as they go with the trash truck.

Branches thicker in diameter than 4 inches will need to be split down.

There is a maximum of 5 bundles per week. Any additional bundles will be $2 per bundle. Unbundled branches will be considered for pickup at the drivers’ discretion. Any unbundled branches that are serviced will be subject to an additional fee per labor to pick up.

The maximum amount of weekly yard waste service is either 10 bags of yard waste, or 5 bundles of branches, or any combination that reaches 10. Any additional picked up per week will have an additional $2 charge.