Residential Service

Our residential waste management services are available to all homes within Lincoln city limits.

Husker Refuse

Residential Trash, Recycling & Yard Waste Services in Lincoln Nebraska

  • We provide weekly waste removal service of all your household trash on the designated day for your neighborhood.
  • We will provide you with a 96 gallon wheeled container with an attached lid before your first pickup.
  • The container will hold six to seven 40 gallon garbage bags and has a weight capacity of 280lbs. We will also accept additional bags of trash on the side or you may use your own containers. We will dispose of one bulk item per month, for example: mattress, chair, water heater, couch, table, grill, bicycle, vacuum.
  • We ask that you be mindful of our drivers and their helpers in a way that if something weighs over 50lbs and doesn’t fit in the container to mark it heavy.
  • If you have something that takes two people to lift please give us a call and most of the time we can pick it up for you at no charge on your next service day.
  • Due to high fuel costs please have your trash curbside the night before to avoid having to send a service truck back to your home. Thank you.

If your trash, recycling or yard waste was missed please notify the office no later than 6am on the morning after your regular scheduled service day. If your call or message is received later than 6am the office can schedule a courtesy pick-up for you.

Click the images below for more information on our recycling and yard waste programs.

What to Recycle
Hefty Energy Bag Program
Yard Waste Service Information

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide residential, commercial, and roll-off services for the greater Lincoln, NE area. We offer once a week curbside pickup of household trash, recycling, and yard waste. We also offer one free bulk item pick up per month.

We provide a postage paid postcard that is addressed to your previous hauler. It is important that you sign and verify the information on the post card is correct. Then simply place the postcard in the mail. Note: If you have set up automatic payments with your previous hauler it is crucial you call them to cancel the recurring payments.

The carts are the property of the hauler and belong to them. It is their responsibility to remove the carts once they have been informed of the cancellation of service.

Your carts will be delivered about a week before your first pick up.

As part of our great service we offer one free bulk item pick up per month.  You only need to call or text or email the office if you have an appliance that needs picked up.

The carts must be placed at the curb the night before your day of service and no later than 6am the day of service.

Our trucks start their routes by 6am. The time of service may vary depending on road conditions, weather, traffic, and road construction. It is important to have your carts out ready for service by 6am on your day of service.

We pick up everything on the same day, but a different truck dumps each commodity. If you trash cart is empty but your recycling and/or yard waste cart is still full more than likely the recycling/yard waste truck has not been to your home to empty the carts yet. If your recycling and/or yard waste carts are empty but your trash cart is still full, then the trash truck has not been to your home to empty the trash cart yet.

The only Holidays Husker Refuse observes are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. If your service day falls on one of these Holiday’s your service may be delayed.  We will inform you if any changes are necessary.  If you do not receive notice from us, please have your containers to the curb by 6 a.m. on your normal service day.

Per the Lincoln Landfill: “Yard Waste is defined as grass and leaves which includes crabgrass and pine needles. Yard wastes must be free of garbage, litter and other debris. Clean brush or tree waste which is free of soil and other debris is accepted. All brush, branches, and limbs must be separated from grass and leaves and goes with trash. Plastic bags are not accepted. Yard waste can only be contained in special bio-degradable paper bags available at area retail stores.”

Yard waste must be separated from the household trash April 1st – Nov 30th. Any branches or brush must be cut down to 4 feet or smaller and bundled into a manageable weight and always go with trash. We will pick up yard waste year around.

You may pay your bill by mail, phone, or online. To pay your bill online go to the bill pay section of our website. You will need your account number and web password (the last four digits of the phone number on your account). If you would like to establish recurring payments, please give us a call with the credit/debit card you want to use. Automatic payments will be processed the last Friday of the month before they are due. There are no fees for paying either online or by phone.

Single stream recycling is a no sort recycling program. We offer weekly curbside recycling and provide a 64-gallon cart. There is no bagging or sorting required, place all recyclable material into the cart. We take all plastics number 1-7, newspaper, paper bags, junk mail, magazines, shredded paper (place it into a paper bag to reduce flyaway) tins cans, aluminum cans, and cardboard. Do not put glass, styrofoam or plastic grocery bags into the cart, you may put those items into your trash cart.